"CGI Animation" has always been an important and core component of TWR. We have assembled a team of talents who have been involved in internationally renowned animated films, along with an independent art design team, to provide a complete “Full CGI Animation" production.

For "IP development," TWR has always maintained a high level of creative enthusiasm. From the very beginning, we have been consistently engaged in the development and investment of original animations. Whether it's internal creations or collaborations with exceptional external talents, we excel at transforming various IP contents, such as novels and comics, into animation styles, developing scripts, and completing animation production. Since 2012, we have successfully completed animated short films such as "HATCHING" and "GU," achieving great recognition at international film festivals.

"Color script" is one of the highly valued aspects by TWR's art design team. We first establish the overall color tones and create a unique color style based on the characters' personalities, scene atmospheres, and the emotions that need to be conveyed in the story. The animation team then begins the design of elements such as characters and scenes, culminating in the completion of storyboards. Through storyboards, our team designs the visual and animation effects of each scene, while also determining the timeline and flow of the entire story.

Throughout the production process, we engage in thorough communication and discussions with our clients to ensure that the final product meets their needs and expectations. We are dedicated to providing high-quality CG animation production services, allowing stories to come alive and captivate audiences with their vivid and compelling presentations.


  • Animation IP
  • Full CGI Animation
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