"Concept and Character Design" creates the visual worlds in films and TV series. It includes concept design for characters, sets, and creative ideas for the story script. It enhances the power of scriptwriting and helps directors and creative teams with clear goals.

Since 2010, TWR has been an animation company with an experienced art design team. We excel in aesthetics and offer flexible services like "concept design," "creative ideas," and "story script" for collaborative projects. Our expertise spans various styles, including fantasy, science fiction, drama, horror, and more.

"Concept design" establishes the overall style and visual direction of a work in the early stages. Based on the script and client input, we provide initial designs for scenes, characters, and props, ensuring visual coherence and quality. With extensive experience in concept design, The White Rabbit Film is known for its aesthetics and innovative approach.

Through storyboarding, we visualize scenes, characters, and plot elements. This helps the production team anticipate shooting conditions and requirements, ensuring effective presentation of the final visual effects in the film and television productions.


  • Concept Design
  • Creative Development
  • Storyboard