TWR excels in the industry with its strong R&D capabilities led by researchers from renowned institutions. We continuously optimize our software and hardware, allowing partners to focus on artistic expression.

Our team has achieved remarkable results in character expressions, crowd dynamics, and dynamic simulation of biological tissues. Our exclusive hair system, BigCat, and patented cloud-based 2D to 3D conversion system, Bunny Studio, are recognized for their contributions. Bunny Studio has played a key role in producing nearly 60 theatrical stereo films. These exclusive technologies enhance production efficiency, meet customer needs, and provide novel visual experiences.

TWR's exclusive system, TWR On-Set Studio, streamlines data management from shooting to post-production, enabling easy access to shooting information, progress tracking, and budget control. This unique system ensures efficient collaboration and high-quality results.

Driven by our professional capabilities and innovative technologies, TWR develops digital, automated, and efficient solutions, alleviating industry challenges and delivering valuable works to customers for maximum economic benefits.
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