TWR has been deeply involved in the field of visual effects for over a decade. We strive to develop and integrate various production processes to deliver efficient and high-quality visual effects services. With expertise in concept design, on-set VFX teams, professional VFX production, and large-scale project management, we have accumulated extensive experience in producing numerous domestic and international visual effects projects. Our goal is to take the audience on imaginative journeys in film and television.

TWR has dedicated and fully equipped VFX production teams in Taipei, Beijing, and Kaohsiung. We have established and continue to expand our render farms and possess excellent technical research and development capabilities. Our TD team consistently upgrades pipelines and techniques. We specialize in dynamic simulations of CG creatures, realistic hair effects, and high-end computer animation effects involving particle FX: such as water, fire, clouds, smoke, and explosions. Our productions have received high acclaim and have been nominated for prestigious awards such as the Golden Horse Awards, International Emmy Awards, and Golden Bell Awards.

In addition to technical expertise, content security is also important to us. In 2016, TWR obtained certification from the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA), becoming the first Asian visual effects company to receive Hollywood-grade production certification.

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