For TWR3D, the myriad creative and technological challenges of successfully converting two-dimensional moving images into dazzling stereoscopic 3D imagery produces the idealized “perfect storm.” It enables us to blend and amalgamate the very best experience, skills, theories, imaginations, and every form of creativity to be found within our scores of 3D artists, researchers, and technologists. Then, following great amounts of work, when we’re certain that we’ve devised and affirmed 3D conversion solutions that succeed best, we apply the critical added litmus test, the “good business” test. . . do our solutions provide viable and attractive financial parameters, for our clients and for TWR? Our answers are now --- across all parameters --- a resounding “YES!”

Combining the talents and resources of TWR’s expanding pool of people, studios, and technologies in Taiwan, in mainland China, and in Los Angeles, TWR3D has developed and perfected a stereo 3D conversion process and pipeline which we believe are on par with the world’s biggest and best. 3D success for TWR begins with our leadership. From the internationally trained and experienced PhDs who designed and built our technology infrastructure, our commercial and proprietary tools sets, and our groundbreaking methodologies, to our vastly knowledgeable and experienced senior leaders in the US, 3D conversion is in our DNA. Completed 3D works which boast contributions from TWR team members range from major Hollywood motion pictures to Asia-centered blockbusters, such as Dragon Blade 3D, Rise of the Legend 3D, Chinese Zodiac 3D, FireStorm 3D and Monkey King 3D.

TWR's 3D work "May Day: NOWHERE" has won 2014 Advanced Imaging Society & 3D Creative Art Award and become the second winner of such award in Taiwan.  


TWR3D’s end-to-end solutions are compatible with all available display technologies...motion pictures,  television,large public displays, electronic signage, museum installations, location-based entertainment, game platforms,mobile devices, etc. Original detail is always preserved and then reproduced into fully realistic 3D presentations.As  guided by TWR3D’s seasoned 3D artists, our proprietary advanced mathematical algorithms help craft details of human visual understanding, which ultimately results in completely accurate, realistic, and enhanced 3D experiences. We created and now operate the world's first cloud based high quality 2D to 3D conversion system. We utilize centralized computer clusters to perform most sophisticated computing and enhance this via centralized storage to improve security management. We have successfully tested, with proven success, TWR3D’s completed work on all major 3D technologies, from anaglyph (red and cyan), passive systems (linear and circular polarization projections), active systems (LC shutter glasses), to glasses-free displays (lenticular lens and parallax barrier systems). TWR3D has demonstrated capability relative to rendering dynamic 3D images for multi-view systems from a single 2D input.


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