Besides animated short films, TWR dedicated to develop feature films with original "Asia Concepts". We believe stories in Asia is a treasure vault, which can bring out a whole new era of animated film industry.
TWR is now developing several amazing projects with commerical potential, and is releasing its first animated movie in summer, 2015.

"The Journey To West"

Being the most renowned Chinese adventure story, Journey to the West is truly a classical story which fascinated almost every kid in Asia. A story about a rebellious hero character - an extremely smart, legendary super monkey who masters all the magic tricks and martial arts, meets his companions and take the journey to seek for the Buddhist holy book in the West. With the following elements such as legends, fairy tale, magic, Chinese monsters and exciting Kung-Fu action sequences, Journey to the West movie is not just going to be cultural, fun but also a feast to your eyes.

"The Journey To West" Teaser



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