"GU", an animated short film made by TWR Animation Studio and Director Shih-Ming Huang, tells a story about Charm of Love:

A village located in the mountains of South China practices an ancient charm, which a girl may use to secure her lover's loyalty; this charm is known as "GU".

To complete the charm one must obtain a drum with a GU bug slumbering in it. The drum must be beaten to excite the bug as it readies itself to be mixed and consumed with a drop of blood of its owner. A young girl hoping to find love, decides to recreate this thousand year practice...

After released, "GU" stormed film festivals, won awards, and become one of the most expected animation project in Aisa. Awards won by "GU" include Japanese indicative DigiCon6 Award and Chinese Golden Monkey Award.




The visual concepts of the Gu story incorporates the elements of the East, Fantasy, and Love. The definition of East has a lot of geographical and spiritual levels, the director and we gathered references from Yúnnán and different styles of rocks and mountains. We were also very inspired by Alfred Joseph Casson's art work, and tried to apply the visual elements into the designs in it's soft and hardness. As for the spirituality and softness of the East mood, with the elements of Sumi and it's gradation to create the mood, giving the visual designs a mysterious appeal.

Also, about the special effects of the animation “GU”, we adopt “2D technique” to show, for example, the various elements like water, fire, wind and rain in the animation. And about each element which we observe in our daily life,
the emotion and personality of the elements are decided by every different situations scene. What’s more, it is fun that it could elevate the soul of the whole story in the animation by combining all this elements.