TWR teams up with award-winning short film directors to create this surreal and magical piece – Hatching, a short film about how a loving mother-daughter relationship turns tense at certain point. The see-through glass belly manifests the bond between them being intimate, delicate yet fragile. Through this unique design of glass tummy, we can perceive the mood of both the mother and the daughter at the same time, as well as serving the purpose of a metaphor for the excessive protection which the daughter is undergoing.



From conception to CG, we emphasize more on character's fantasy style look, in a surreal and minimal environment to keep the focus on characters' details. For animation, The main focus for animators is to understand and explore the style movement of each characters, as well as the sentimental nuance in performance. Since the story is about a mother-daughter relationship, we wanted to create a loving and caring eventually evolve into a tense relation between the two through acting.


Besides animation performance, another key to the style of “Hatching” is the look of the whole film. Our CG artists bring a gloomy and delicate atmosphere to the very detail in every frame, with realistic visual effect such as water and explosions to intensify the emotional impact.


To enhance the quality and subtlety of the characters, we developed several tools to achieve the detail we would like to present, one of the highlights being BigCat®, TWR’s proprietary hair system. Not only does it offer a convenient and intuitive solution for modeling, styling, and simulation all in one package, but also can apply to environment dressing such as grass and vegetation. With the flexibility of this hair system, it makes it much easier to manipulate the amount, length, size, color, curvature and luminosity in desirable result. Overall, BigCat's® capabilities enabled us to produce this short film with great level of complexity on hair and its interaction with special effects.


Lighting and Effects are particularly challenging in this short film, given the fact that everything needs to be fully ray-traced including glasses, ceramics, water effects, global illumination.. etc. On top of all that, multiple hair systems are also in presence in every shot.



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