Epic oriental show “Love and Destiny” visual effects breakdown last chapter: grand CG effects scene

Aug 16 2019

The well received visual effects breakdown of “Love and Destiny” has come to the last episode, this show is, like previously mentioned, a huge undertaking whether compared to feature film or other TV shows. Other than CG environments and creatures, the show also has a high proportion of “CG Effects”. CG Effects act as the bridge between fantasy and reality, turning all the impossible into actual imagery, which imbued the show with a fantastic air and bring a greater visual impact to the viewer,

Epic oriental show “Love and Destiny” visual effects breakdown episode 1: environment effects

Aug 5 2019

With the airing of the year’s first epic TV show “Love and Destiny”, die-hard fans are captivated in front of their screens, and the non-stop spread of popularity and love for the show attracted countless new fans to join along the ride! In the visual effects production of this show, environments and CG creatures have been made to an improved quality, which draw wide praise from various sources!

For Those of You That Has Just Clocked Out of Work, Let’s Clock in for Mayday LiFE 3D.

May 24 2019

Today is the day, Mayday’s Mayday LiFE 3D is open for business! During the hour and 52 minutes of LiFE experience, you will be among the four million live audience and enjoy the concert in live 3D! Also, with hidden surprises, you will meet award winning actor Huang Bo, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, and other mystery guest cameos, only to make experience even more special.

2018 End-of-Year Banquet !

Jan 18 2019

In 2018, we contributed to more than 20 films, and each one of them are presenting TWR’s high quality proficiency and insistence to our productions. Eased by the lake scene, together we wish in the next coming year, TWR can accomplish more significant works in the film and TV.