TWR’s 2019 End of Year “Romantic Kansai”, a 5-Days Company Trip!

Jan 22 2020

Time flies by, and it is the end of 2019 already, yet the season for another memorable year! Thanks to the leadership of the Rabbit King, Charles, and all the hard work of the TWR Bunnies, that we were able to harvest the sweet fruit of labor for this year. TWR never forgets the Bunnies’ arduous efforts, thus the end of year banquet is always in place. However, there are Bunnies working in Beijing, Taipei, and Kaohsiung, so this year, we gather the Bunnies from three cities to visit Japan!

Epic oriental show “Love and Destiny” visual effects breakdown last chapter: grand CG effects scene

Aug 16 2019

The well received visual effects breakdown of “Love and Destiny” has come to the last episode, this show is, like previously mentioned, a huge undertaking whether compared to feature film or other TV shows. Other than CG environments and creatures, the show also has a high proportion of “CG Effects”. CG Effects act as the bridge between fantasy and reality, turning all the impossible into actual imagery, which imbued the show with a fantastic air and bring a greater visual impact to the viewer,

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