TWR has assembled a skilled and creative design team that is capable of processing a full selection of VFX production. We can provide you with services to assist you from the preproduction of concept design, through the entire filming right up until the completion delivery of your project. 


Our Services

•   End-to-End Production Pipeline 

Pre-Production: Concept design, Storyboarding, VFX design, Previs, Tech-vis

On-set: Supervision, Data wrangling

Post-Production: Digital color grading, VFX production, Stereo 3D convention, Digital cinema packing

Representative Work: The House That Never Dies II


•   Professional Art Design

TWR’s professional Art Department provides a wide range of creative services, from concept design for motion graphics, filming props, to fantasy creatures and epic sets.    


•   On-Set VFX Services

Our team provides professional on-set supervision, and is equipped with advanced filming arsenal like MOCO, motion capture system, and real-time composition, to simultaneously present the shot. The experienced data wrangling team gathers essential information required for VFX production, such as Lidar scan, photogrammetry scan, lens sheet, lens distortion chart, Macbeth color boards, HDRI, and etc. 


•   Industrial VFX Production Pipeline

TWR's VFX state of the art VFX pipeline incorporates with MAYA, NUKE, HOUDINI as the main creation tools, Arnold, V-ray, and Redshift as the renderers. The projects are managed with F-track across all TWR facilities.     


•   Post-production

We provide post-production services in all forms, including 2D and 3D DI conform and grading, subtitle, digital cinema mastering and packing, KDM and DKDM, on-set D.I.T and etc.