TWR Visual Effects

TWR's VFX team has a core belief that technology can help the talents tremendously in realizing their vision. Ideas are developed throughout a series of intuitive, creative and organized stages with assistance from state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Since 2010, TWR’s VFX team has successfully contributed to more than 80 films and TV series.


Art department

From concept design, storyboarding to visualizing with pre-vis and tech-vis, the art department not only does the research and experiment on the concept but also compose the shooting plan for VFX shots.  With years of experiences and knowledge on on-set VFX workflow, the veterans from TWR's art department provide essential aid to the film production.


On-set VFX 

On-set VFX supervision and data wrangling play crucial roles in the principal shooting. The on-set team from TWR is led by seasoned VFX supervisors that mastered in all aspects in filming, working closely with the directors and other departments to ensure the shooting plans are carried out in a tidy and efficient manner. For on-set data wrangling, the team is equipped with advanced tools, including the latest machines for Lidar scan, photogrammetry, HDRI, motion capture, and etc. Essential information for VFX production is gathered, organized and delivered to TWR's server, or to the client, on a daily basis.


VFX Pipeline 

The VFX pipeline at TWR is constantly evolving. Proprietary tools and new features are developed by the TD team regularly to serve over 230 in-house talents. The pipeline is built based on a collection of best-in-class software like Maya, Houdini, and Nuke, compatible with the ones adopted in top VFX houses in the world. Founded by renowned researchers, TWR has put a continued effort in exploring new technology in Computer Graphics. The VFX pipeline has gradually extended its wings to many fields, including creatures, fluid simulation, destruction, crowd, cloth simulation, and many more. 

Selection of tools integrated into the pipeline:

Syntheyes, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Fusion, Yeti, Ziva, Unreal, Unity, Arnold, Vray, Redshift.


TWR Post

TWR's post-production team provides services from editing, conforming to color grading and media packaging. In this rapidly changing environment for media creation, our goal is to find the best solutions to serve the clients. With the deep understanding of VFX and post, we work side-by-side with partners to deliver the finest finishes.



More videos of TWR works are in TWR offical channels 





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