In the field of CG VFX, TWR has taken part in the production of major Chinese blockbusters, including "Monster Hunt", "Dragon Blade", "Chinese Zodiac", "Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe". 

TWR starts VFX service of TV series in 2016 and is in charge of the VFX design and production of "Love O2O", one of the most success TV series in Chinese TV industry. "Love O2O" set the new view record in YouKu, Chinese biggest online video plateform, with more than 15 billion views.  

The cutting edge VFX technologies developed by the TWR VFX team will allow future film directors to express their creative vision to the fullest potential. Amongst the Visual Effect technologies, includes “hair”, “crowd”, and “3D composition”. Beside superior technologies, we also have extremely experienced VFX leading supervisor from Hollywood and our uniquely authentic production software utilizing the latest Cloud Technology. With TWR as the perfect foundation, directors will now free to create their ultimate work of art.

In 2016,  TWR’s content protection and security was certificated by CDSA (Content Delivery & Security Association)’s CPS (Content Protection & Security) Program

CDSA is the international content protection association. Well-known participants includes Sony, Technicolor, Microsoft, etc.





More videos of TWR works are in TWR offical channels 





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