TWR continuosly develop new technology to persuit higer productivity, efficiency and quality of CG production, and is rewarded by stunning results.

Besides BigCat® system, we have major breakthrough in animated crowd, feather and Lepidopteran scale simulation. As dedicated in research, now TWR is able to save every problems encontered in production process and maintain high quality result. 


Crowd Simulating System

Crowd simulation is the process of simulating the movement of a large number of entities or characters; this technique is now one of the major techniques used in 3D computer graphics for film. While simulating crowds, observed human behavior and interactions are taken into account to replicate collective behavior. It is a method of creating virtual cinematography.


Animators typically create a library of motions, either for an entire character or for individual body parts. To simplify processing, these animations are sometimes baked as morphs. Alternately, the motions can be generated procedurally – i.e. choreographed automatically by software. 

Simulating crowds offer the advantages of being cost effective as well as allow for total control of each simulated character or agent.

TWR's crowd system is now practially used in many of our test projects, and is ready to be applied on commercial projects. 

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