BigCat is TWR’s proprietary software that produces the highest quality hair/fur for CGI animation. The system utilizes the most advanced technology and tools for modeling, styling, simulation and rendering. The built-in dynamics engine simulates the most complex hair behaviors and generates realistic results by adopting a physically based shader. BigCat is now available for Maya users and supports all major renderers including MentalRay, RenderMan, 3 Delight, V-ray and Arnald.


Hair Water Interaction


Human Wet Hair Demo

Key Features

 Modeling & Styling

  • 9 bushes for intuitive hair styling
  • Ramped/mappable parameters to control local shape: Frizz, Scraggle, Curl, etc.
  • 3 viewing modes: Line, Hair, Polygon
  • Ramped hair color and opacity
  • Hair style duplication between nodes


Animation & Simulation

  • Keyable guide curve for creating animation
  • Selective simulation for each curve
  • Width bush for simulation
  • Ramped/mappable simulation parameters: Stiffness, Damping, Friction, Restitution, Static Charge, Mass
  • Collision detection and response
  • Hair-hair interaction
  • Skin-driven dynamics
  • Built-in gravity
  • Maya fields support: Air, Turbulence, Newton, etc.



  • Physically-based shader

Support Renderers:

  • RenderMan, 3Delight, VRay, Arnold


BigCat VFX Module


    • Wet Hair Simulation
    • Fire Simulation



TWR Hair: BigCat - Demo #1 Creating BigCat in Maya
TWR Hair: BigCat - Demo #2 Creating BigCat Curves
TWR Hair: BigCat - Demo #3 Simulation in BigCat
TWR Hair: BigCat - Demo #4 Export
TWR Hair: BigCat - Demo #5 Modeling & Styling
TWR Hair: BigCat - Demo #6 Wet Hair Simulation


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