Research and Development are among the core pillars upon which TWR was founded and built. We are, in every facet of our company, first and foremost, passionately curious, inquisitive, and devoted to finding answers --- the absolute best answers --- whether we’re challenging issues related to technology, to production practices, to marketing and distribution, or to any other facets of our myriad operations.


TWR has created revolutionary solutions to existing creative, production problems by stripping down and rebuilding traditionally time-consuming processes. Whenever possible and practical, we have redesigned, simplified, and made myriad traditional production and post-production functions measurably more efficient, thereby allowing more focus on the specific tasks at hand, while doing away with unnecessary procedures that slow down production.

TWR Research puts innovative technologies to the service of the filmmakers and other content creators. Where such technologies already exist, we typically refine and improve their functionality. When invention is called for, we invent. We have created a groundbreaking suite of software tools that are artist-driven, and with exceptionally quick response times, thereby allowing creativity to reign. Old barriers to creativity are unleashed with TWR’s unique, interactive tools that promote an unobstructed vision. Stereoscopic post production techniques especially have been created to allow interactivity and response-time reduction, in this formerly laborious process. Greatly speeded turn-around times on multiple iterations of computer creativity improves quality, as well as achieving production economies.

We are lead here by our team of internationally trained and talented PhDs in Computer Science, who are specifically focused on animation, stereoscopic 3D, and Visual Effects’ solutions. TWR combines the highest levels of research, together with years of experience in the production of imagery for leading Asian, US, and international motion pictures, television, and multimedia content.


From backgrounds in R&Ds, our team has focused on solving some of the classic challenges in animation, stereoscopic 3D, and visual effects, rendering new and fresh solutions to traditionally labor intensive problems. Production experience by highly skilled artists from a number of world class studios has infused TWR’s research initiatives with highly focused results that have seen truly groundbreaking results.


TWR is committed to “best in class” in every aspect of our operations. Once we have identified the finest providers of each of the technologies that we require so as to produce the finest creative results achievable, we seek, whenever possible and strategically wise, to not just purchase what we require but, in fact to partner with those companies that create and manufacture. TWR’s partners, as listed herein, are among the world’s finest IT manufacturers and, we are proud to state, they have given us their complete and steadfast support.



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