Dahufa – Animated Feature of the Year, 3D Ink Art VFX Blockbuster

Jul 17 2017

In the ever-changing world of moving pictures, animated films always gain a never-faltering land of its own; while this summer, the animation Dahufa is expected to be the film of the year.

Dahufa is the first Chinese animated film that give itself a PG-13 rating, creating a much-heated discussion before its release. The director animates with the Chinese ink wash style, which uniquely stands out from the other animated films that usually imitates others. Dahufa self-rated PG-13 due to the darker plot and violent actions, breaking itself out from the common ideas that animation is only for children.

Dahufa meaning the Great Guardian in Chinese, the plot centers on Dahufa of the Yiwei Kingdom, he sets on a journey searching for the lost prince. Dahufa accidentally enters the Peanut Town, which is populated by half peanut people. The town has a rigid class system and complicated relationships between characters. As Dahufa investigates the Peanut Town, a hidden conspiracy slowly surfaces…


From the stereo-3D team that brought you Big Fish & Begonia, TWR collaborates with Beijing Enlight Media once again, and transforms Dahufa into an unforgettable stereo-3D experience. TWR utilizes its proprietary software, designed and created by TWR’s R&D department, to produce yet another high quality stereo 3D feature.


Dahufa is a great challenge to TWR because of the ink wash art style. This style has no clear border indicating the separation between objects, therefore it is extremely difficult to assign visual depth in each frame. The production team relies on the experience built after many years and successfully creates a believable and natural stereo depth for the ink-wash animated film.


The other great challenge is the fictional characters. Each character is uniquely designed; therefore, the stereo artists have to imagine the 3D shape for those 2D characters. For example, the character Dahufa requires the 3D team to create the 3D depth on his facial structure, clothing, and his movements, and everything has to reach a balance between realistic 3D and fabricated 3D. This balance is utmost important part of the stereo-3D effect for the entire film.

The President of Beijing Enlight Media once stated, “I want to try for a 3D that the Americans and the Japanese cannot accomplish, and TWR’s ability won the entire Enlight Media over with just a stereo 3D test shot. This resulted the film to be screened nation-wide in stereo 3D.” After the film released in theaters, the general public reviews agree with the Enlight Media President, proving TWR 3D production to be the best among its peers.

After presenting Monkey King; Hero is Back and Big Fish & Begonia to the people, TWR presents Dahufa with its unique art style, bringing yet another animation mania to China. If you have not seen Dahufa, be sure to join us in the adventure of a life time in Peanut Town!

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