【TWR Entertainment × ftrack】Soul Snatcher:Behind the scene of making a frog monster

Apr 1 2021

【TWR Entertainment × ftrack】


TWR Entertainment has been adopting the software provided by ftrack in our projects. We owe ftrack for our many delicate film and TV works and we are grateful. Our head of production Jenhao Yeh was interviewed by ftrack, sharing how TWR created the astonishing fantasy Soul Snatcher with our 10-year experience in the industry.


Read the article and find out

🐸 The prototype of the frog monster 

🐸 How the prototype is transformed to the version audience see in the film 

🐸 How to make the flexible tongue of frog monster   


 Find out all the things you want to know about the special effect of Soul Snatcher in the interview of Jenhao Yeh!


【The interview is posted on Wechat official account of ftrack 】

The Interview about TWR’s decade tribute Soul Snatcher: the making of the frog monster




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