In Between Illusion and Reality: The VFX making of “Abyssal Spider”

Sep 23 2020


Our team was interviewed by InCG Media for our production of “Abyssal Spider”. As the leader of TWR Entertainment 🐰, Chief Executive Officer Charles exclusively opened up about the visual effect production of “Abyssal Spider”along with TWR Beijing Head of Production Yu Yang and On-set Technical Director Tank Liang. Together, they revealed the birth of Giant sea monster and the making of the horrifying sets.


“It is tough to be in this industry, yet it is also fun to create all the different lives and stories.

Every field has its own professionals, and some pe ople might just specialize in the same field for their whole life.

But for people like us who create visual effects, we get to experience all kinds of different fields and lives through different projects.”

--- Charles, Chief Executive Officer of TWR Entertainment.


In every work, TWR team has put 200% effort. As completing more projects, our team improves more and are able to confidently move on to the next challenge. As what Charles said, every project is like experiencing different lives and we find it somewhat romantic.


To take a peek into the making of “Abyssal Spider”, just click the link for the interview 👉👉👉

In Between Illusion and Reality: The VFX making of “Abyssal Spider”

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