Two TWR Titles Nominated for the 56th Golden Horse Best VFX Awards!

Oct 1 2019

TWR is proud to announce the great news of nomination for award! This year is the 56th Golden Horse Awards, and two titles that TWR participated in, The Tag-Along: The Devil Fish and Mayday LiFE 3D, has been nominated for the Best Visual Effect Award!


Not only have both titles been TWR’s milestone in VFX development, they also created a handsome box office revenue and massive popular reviews. As a VFX production studio, we are extremely honored to be part of both films.




For The Tag-Along: The Devil Fish, TWR utilizes high specification VFX to complete the task, to further bring out the shocking visual of the fight between man and demon. For Mayday LiFE 3D, the film was completed with TWR’s most prized proprietary technology to fulfill the goal of “Let as many people as possible to experience the concert to the fullest”.


A film is only made possible with the dedication of countless staff working behind the camera!  We would like to thank Director David Chuang and the creative team behind The Tag-Along: The Devil Fish. We would like to give thanks to Mayday LiFE 3D’s production staff, also Grass Jelly Studio and Moonshine VFX. We also would like to especially thank the King of Rabbit, Dr. Charles Lee and TWR Production Supervisor Charles Yeh for taking TWR to where we are now.


Once again, we are extremely honored to be nominated for the Golden Horse Awards, we thank the Golden Horse staff for their affirmation. For this, we give the sincerest gratitude. Finally, we thank the TWR staff for all the hard work dedicated into completing the film. We only hope we will rise even more together in the future. We will see you on the glorious stage of the award ceremony on November 23rd!






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