🎬10 years dedicating in movie production of TWR Entertainment🎬

Jan 5 2021

 【10 years dedicating in movie production of TWR Entertainment】


Our CEO Charles was interviewed by Digital Power in Kaohsiung, sharing his purpose of founding TWR Entertainment and the hardship of running a film& TV business along with his own experience.


" I named the company TWR (The White Rabbit) after the character in Alice in Wonderland, hoping that the company can bring audience into a fantasy world." Since he was a little boy, Charles dreamed of experiencing all kinds of lives and imagined himself being a painter and scientist, etc. With all the possibility, what would a life be?


For him, being in the movie industry is a childhood dream come true.


 TWR Entertainment has dedicated to special effect production for a long time and has handled more than 100 works. In addition to have the vision and take advantage of our own technology research and development, we have taken a different path from our peers. With our trustworthy reputation for 10 years in the industry, we have the courage to start in the new field and will invest in story development and IP management in the future!


Are you ambitious in our field and enjoy the warm climate in Kaohsiung?

TWR Entertainment welcome you to be one of us! 


TWR Entertainment page on 104.com.tw (Positions in Taipei/ Kaohsiung)




 TWR Entertainment page on Zhaopin.com (Positions in Beijing)




You may also send your CV and portfolio to:

peichun.lin@twrglobal.com (Positions in Taipei) /

weichen.hsu@twrvfx.com (Positions in Kaohsiung)/

jing.lee@twrvfx.com (Positions in Beijing)


【For the full content of the interview, please find it in Digital Power in Kaohsiung,

a magazine by Economic Development Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government】


Link of Digital Power in Kaohsiung

Digital Power in Kaohsiung,

New ideas to innovate the local community and build Kaohsiung as a digital port


Download the digital magazine 



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