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Dec 11 2020


Our CG Supervisor, Moody Cheng was interviewed by Wealth Magazine about his thoughts on returning to Taiwan after studying and working abroad. He also shared his insight into global film and television industry.


While many people might look down on the environment and workers of the film and television industry in Taiwan, Moody, who had the industrial experience in Canada, holds a different opinion. He regards that the industry abroad has detailed and standard working pipeline under the resourceful environment, but they often spend unnecessary time over a trivia problem. On the other hand, though the film and television industry in Taiwan may not be as resourceful as the industry abroad, the film and television industry workers in Taiwan are often versatile talents, independent thinkers and active problem-solvers. These qualities have made the talents from Asia indispensable in global industry of film and television.


There are many colleagues in TWR Entertainment who are overseas talents. With the exchange of different experiences and perspectives between overseas talents and local workers, our world-classed production process is consisted of both the global and local advantages.


Now, our CG team is looking for more partners!

Our team has well-established corporation regulations, flexible career path and countless large-scale projects. We are looking for passionate partners to work with us!



For more details of the recruitment, please visit:

TWR Entertainment page on 104.com.tw (Positions in Taipei/ Kaohsiung)



TWR Entertainment page on Zhaopin.com (Positions in Beijing)



You may also send your CV and portfolio to:

peichun.lin@twrglobal.com(Taipei) /






【The full interview of our CG Supervisor Moody Cheng is included in Wealth Magazine December 10, 2020 / no.622】


The link of the interview 👉👉👉

“The pandemic brought them the new perspectives to their careers:

Overseas talents’ insight into the evolved job market of Taiwan”



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