TWR’s 2019 End of Year “Romantic Kansai”, a 5-Days Company Trip!

Jan 22 2020

Charles takes all the TWR Bunnies from Taiwan and China for abroad fun!!


Time flies by, and it is the end of 2019 already, yet the season for another memorable year! Thanks to the leadership of the Rabbit King, Charles, and all the hard work of the TWR Bunnies, that we were able to harvest the sweet fruit of labor for this year. TWR never forgets the Bunnies’ arduous efforts, thus the end of year banquet is always in place. However, there are Bunnies working in Beijing, Taipei, and Kaohsiung, so this year, we gather the Bunnies from three cities to visit Japan! It’s been 6 months since the announcement of the Japan company trip, and the Bunnies cannot wait to meet their “Internet Pals”!



Doesn’t matter if you’re one of the Bunnies reading for memories’ sake, or a new friend that has just met TWR, perhaps you are just curious how to have fun in Osaka, just continue reading this article and we promise to satisfy everybody!



That’s right, all TWR staff will take a flight and arrive Japan on Dec. 7th as the first stop for this End of Year Extravaganza!


TWR Assemble! Time for roll call.


TWR Beijing all set!



It’s great, everyone is on time at the airport, to set up shop for suit cases!!


TWR Kaohsiung, all set…?


Didn’t we call for a group photo? How come only half of the people are here? Where did everyone else go? 


It’s fine, turns out the other Bunnies were listening to the tour guide for important information! 


TWR Kaohsiung is all set, let’s see how TWR Taipei is doing!


TWR Taipei… Oh no, where can they be now?



Found them! Right over here!


It happens that we are also departing on the Charles’s birthday! The Taipei Bunnies were all thinking about wishing the Rabbit King a happy birthday and forgot to take a group photo! On the other hand, seeing everyone so happy is also a nice form of memory!



Happy birthday to Charles!




Great, all three TWR branches has gathered, and let’s begin the flight to Kansai, Japan!



  Day 1 ■ 

Enjoy a movie and a meal on the flight, and we arrived Japan in no time! As soon as we landed, we all head to the hotel:



1-9-15, Shinkitano, Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 532-0025, Japan



The Hotel Plaza Osaka is close to the local shopping street, mega mall, and convenience stores, so the TWR Bunnies have nothing to worry for the next four nights! As for the Bunnies that has made their own plans, it only takes 5-7 minutes to the nearest metro station! This hotel is great for convenience and commute!



Stepping into the lobby, and staff are waiting for us to especially welcome us, the Bunnies feel like VIP! After settling, our vacation begins!



Many of us chose Japanese cuisine as their first stop!

To the friends reading this, be aware, you must control your mouth salivating!


Doesn’t it look delicious?! All you can choose from iced, hot, sweet, savory, cook, or raw! Everyone from TWR are professional food enthusiast. According to the Bunnies, no one has had bad food for the entire trip!


Being wined and dined, it’s time for a relaxing walk in the beautiful city of Osaka. Although each one of us woke early for this day, but the sleepiness is all but gone! Despite being cold, but winter is great for vacations. The holiday is around the corner, so every step we take on the street is surrounded by festivities.



The fallen ginkgo leaves have turned yellow and covered the ground, shimmering decorative lights, making the Osaka street scene just beautiful no matter day or night! The above photo is taken at Midosuji. Starting from the Namba Station on the Midosuji Metro line, north bound, we will pass the Shinsaibashi district and Umeda Station, and the beautiful sight is available for all to see. Every section of this passage has a different color theme, stretching a 4 kilometer in length. This is all part of the “Festival of the Lights in Osaka”, so any friends that are visiting, be sure not to miss this!



The afternoon is scheduled for free time, but the TWR Bunnies have formed into groups for different destinations! Quite a few of us have not made plans yet, they decided to tag along with groups that meet their interests. It is a smart move, also making the Bunnies bonding closer in Kansai!



  Day 2 ■ 


Day 2 is planned by the travel agency. Hopping on the bus, a day-trip to Kobe for all TWR Bunnies! This day is a very fulfilling day lead by the tour guide. For the lazy Bunnies, group tours are just right. No need to worry about where to next, or how to get there, just follow the tour guide!



▋ Destination 1. Arima Onsen, Hot Spring Experience ▋



The Arima Onsen is located in northern Kobe, one of the Three Ancient Hot Springs in Japan, also known as the Hinterland of Kobe, or the Kansai’s Inner Living Room. The legend has it that during the Japanese Warring States Period, after Toyotomi Hideyoshi conquered all of Japan, he has visited this place multiple times to heal the wound of his body and soul. The Arima Onsen’s hot spring is composed by a variety of healing elements, which makes it unique globally. The hot spring really lives up to its name.


Didn’t we agree to go into the hot spring? Why is everyone having ice cream?



▋ Destination 2. Meal at the Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street ▋


The Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street has been established for over 140 years. Motomachi in Japanese means “The Original District”, and also the first district of Kobe. The total length of this shopping street is 1.2 kilometers, hosts bout 300 shops that include restaurants, medicine and beauty stores, fashion boutiques, etc. It is located in the center of Kobe, surrounded by Old Kobe Foreign Settlement, Nankin-Machi (China Town), Meriken Park, Harborland, Etc.


The photo below is taken at the Nankin-Machi right next to the Motomachi Shopping Street. The local China Town makes the TWR Bunnies right at home with familiar buildings, stores, and food!


How can you tell people you have visited Kobe without having Kobe beef?

This day, everyone’s phone vibrates non-stop. Checking the messages to see everyone is showing off the Kobe beef they are having! Each plate is enough to have everyone mouthwatering into a river!



Some enjoys teppanyaki elegantly, some enjoys Kobe beef kebab while walking down the shopping street. It’s happiness no matter how we see it. We can still smell the fragrance seeing these pictures!



▋ Destination 3. Kitano Ijinkan-Gai ▋


The Kitano Ijinkan-Gai is a historical district in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, which contains a number of foreign western residences from the late Meiji and Taisho eras of Japan history. The district contains 34 western buildings, 7 Japanese style buildings. All are designated as special historical structures and are protected by Japanese government. After a fulfilling lunch, taking a relaxing walk in this historical yet exotic area is extremely nice!





▋ Destination 4. Mosaic Square ▋


The Mosaic Square is famously located in the Kobe Harborland, also known as the Kobe Daiba, “Fort of Kobe”. The specially built wooden structures and red brick buildings matches well with the harbor-scape. The side of the road is filled with vegetation, with small streams flowing under bridges. The side of the ocean has a large terrace, one of the best spots for the Kobe Harbor view. Also, various shops and restaurants makes this place unforgettable.



Before the meal, we took the group photo with all TWR staff that came. Due to the massive number of us, we attracted the interest of many people walking by, some even offered to help us take the picture!



At night, we had our dinner right on the gorgeous Kobe Harbor. The all-you-can-eat buffet had a bountiful of options. Enjoying such an occasion with people that has gone through ordeal after ordeal at work makes the meal that much more delicious!



All the Bunnies from all three cities filled most of the restaurant, almost like we booked the entire place to ourselves! Although we were many, but each of us were courteously waiting in line, and definitely not wasting any food!




■ Day 3 ■


Day 3 marks the end of group tours, and begins the free travel for all TWR Bunnies! Although the bus was not available any more, but that doesn’t stop the TWR Bunnies walking to different popular attractions of Kansai!


First, it’s the Universal Studios Japan group!

It takes more than flying dragons or Harry Potter to defeat the TWR Army! Sadly, only one day isn’t enough to experience all that the Universal Studios has to offer. The night attractions only make it harder for us to leave! The shimmering lights not only brighten the Universal Studio, it also imprints a beautiful day into our memories.




The other group went to Kyoto and Nara, which is as popular and famous as Kobe! Arriving Kansai, how can you not visit those cute and friendly deer, roaming free in Nara, or visit those magnificent temples of Kyoto?!



Some TWR Bunnies said that you can tell the age range by seeing who is visiting Universal Studio. To be fair, please take a good look at these photos, everyone here is young and lively!




Of course, Kansai has more to offer. Some other TWR Bunnies visited the aquarium to see some mysterious sea creatures!



The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is one of the largest aquariums in the world. It has replicated the exact eco-system of the Pacific rim’s sea floor. Watching the sea creatures swimming freely is so relaxing.




Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, Tsutenkaku, etc., all the must-not-miss locations, of course the Bunnies have visited them all!




 ■ Day 4 ■ 



It feels too soon that we are to enter the last day of our vacation, the TWR Bunnies are not ready to leave yet. However, the past three days has been quite exhausting for the TWR Bunnies. Therefore, the fourth day has been a slowly day for most of the Bunnies. Let’s take a look at where we have been for the past four days again ↓↓




Bunny Editor: The Harukas 300 observation deck is a must-visit! Seeing the entire Osaka city in one setting is quite the sight!


As the Bunny Editor is writing all these down, it feels as if we are visiting Japan again and again. Remembering visiting every corner, tasting every dish with fellow TWR Bunnies brings so much happiness. Also, how are all TWR Bunnies so good at taking pictures? May it be taken by phones or single-lens cameras, vertical or horizontal, landscape or portrait, everyone picture end up with post card quality!


■ Good Bye 2019, Hello 2020 ■


The day TWR 2019 Kansai Company Trip draws the curtain, the TWR Bunnies, all the Bunnies floods the WeChat’s TWR Chat group with messages of appreciations and blessing to the Rabbit King Charles and the TWR Managerial Bunnies for planning this trip. Thanks to the success of this trip, the Bunnies from three cities has gotten to tighten their relationship. It is warming to see how the Bunnies were taking care of each other in the distant land of Japan. Besides the gratitude from the bottom of the heart, the Bunnies are reluctant to leave this beautiful and wonderous country. This trip may have ended, but the memories made with fellow TWR Bunnies are everlasting!


We also thank you for reading this article. Every time this article is read, it means another TWR Kansai Trip was made again. Please visit again soon, for we are TWR! We come from Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Beijing. We will continue to create more and better entertainment, so we can experience an even more fantastic experience together! It was great to have you in 2019, and we will meet again in 2020! 




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