Mayday's "Noah's Ark 3D"

Dec 28 2012

TWR is responsible for the Stereoscopic 3D Production for the "King of Concert", Mayday's 2nd stereoscopic 3D movie "Noah's Ark 3D"! The movie will be shot in 3D with the latest 3D technology, combined with TWR's leading 3D post-production workflow to create visually stunning 3D effects.

Chishan(Sandra)on boar

Dec 1 2011

An industry professional has recently joined the TWR, and is looking forward to bringing in her valued experiences and vision to the team. Chishan Liu has over 8 years of experiences in a wide variety of projects, from TV series to animated feature films and VFX for films. She has worked on a few Academy award winning films, such as Avatar (Best Visual Effects, 2010), The Golden Compass (Best Visual Effect, 2008), and Happy Feet (Best Animated Feature Film, 2007). After those high-profile intern

The new 3D trailer for Black & White!

Nov 17 2011

The latest work done by TWR3D system. Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault is the prequel of the TV serire with the same name. The movie version aims to set up a new standard for Asian action movies, with its unique storyline and graphics. TWR is the technology provider for the 3D trailer

TWR Hair system (BigCat)is accepted to Siggraph Asia 2011

Oct 3 2011

We are pleased to announce that our submission to SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 has been accepted. Our advanced hair system that is artist friendly provides a complete solution for modeling, styling, simulation and rendering. The head of this project, Weichin (Gene) Lin, has years of experience in developing CG technology and software. Please come visit our booth at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 for more information

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