Cloud Based 3D Production Pipeline

There is no magic ingredient for high quality 3D production. The stunning 3D effects come from intensive work from experienced production house. TWR3D is invented to improve the state-of-the-art workflow where professionals such as stereographers, 3D supervisors, roto artists, depth artists, paint artists and 3D compositors can all improve the production efficiency. TWR3D benefits from the latest advancement of the cloud computing technology. The centralized computer clusters enable the potential of using the most advanced algorithms in computer vision and computer graphics. The following modules are currently included in TWR3D:

Rotoscopy Module

Good rotoscopy is the key factor that leads to high quality 3D conversion. TWR3D provides innovative roto tools to assist the labor-intensive job. It is particularly powerful to handle complex objects such as fur, hair, forests, tree leaves and shattered glasses.

Depth Reconstruction Module

Equipped with various depth reconstruction tools such as perspective gradient, depth brush, depth view, preset templates, object tracking, camera tracking depth propagation and etc., this module greately improves the accuracy and efficiency of depth estimation.

Virtual View Module

TWR3D’s mathematical formulas emulate the 3D perception process of our eyes. It supports multi-view rendering which is essential for producing contents for glasses-free devices.

Edge Fix and Stereo Paint Module

The most annoying artifact of a poor conversion work happens at the silhouettes of the objects. Fixing stretching pixels (or occlusion holes) in a traditional conversion pipeline requires a good amount of experienced labor. In TWR3D, our algorithms such as clean plate, temporal in-painting and etc. fix the 80% of the work. The advanced tracking algorithms analyze the adjacent frames and make predictions that preserve temporal continuity.

VFX Module

Shots with heavy visual effects remain the most challenging part in stereo 3D production. Sands, storms, fireworks, explosions and translucent objects require special care in order to maximize the 3D viewing experience. TWR3D's VFX module handles VFX shots with customized tools designed for individual shots.

Online Depth Grading Module

Online depth grading is one of the most powerful features in TWR3D. The user can remotely control the render farm with a portable device and receive the rendered results in streaming form in just a few minutes. Cloud computing and smart edge & paint algorithms make this fantastic feature a wonderful tool for 3D production.

Project Tracking and Management Module

TWR3D is designed for handling huge and complex projects such as 4k resolution feature films. Asset handling, productivity analysis, project tracking and management are all included in our seamless pipeline.

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