Senior Management


Charles C. Lee, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, TWR Entertainment, Inc.

Dr. Charles Lee is an accomplished scientist, business entrepreneur, and media producer with a track record of notable achievements in Asia, North America, and Europe. He received his M.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California and his Ph.D. in Information Engineering from University of Cambridge, in the UK. His research and focused studies have included multimedia signal processing, computer graphics, computer animation, and computer vision. His research work related to character animation was presented at SIGGRAPH 2007, in San Diego, and SIGGRAPH 2008, in Los Angeles. Charles’ entry into the media and entertainment industries began early in his career. After retiring from the Taiwanese Marine Corps., he launched a garage computer imaging studio which he subsequently grew into the award-winning video game company, AcmeSoft, Inc., in which he served both as CEO and the company’s lead producer.

Charles founded TWR Entertainment in 2010, with intention to bring advanced graphics technologies into media productions. TWR’s core team was led by experienced researchers in multimedia fields. In 2011, TWR introduced its first product to market, TWR3D, a robust and efficient cloud-based solution for stereoscopic film production. Served as the lead 3D supervisor and CTO, Charles has led the team to finish twenty-four 3D feature films with TWR3D technology. Among many outstanding films, Monster Hunt, converted into 3D by TWR, wins the 3D Feature Jury Prize from AIS in 2015. It is the first Chinese film to win this award. Another award from AIS was given to another TWR3D production, MAYDAY: NOWHERE" in 2016.

TWR’s parallel business in visual effects started early in the company’s development stage. With Charles’ mixed background and knowledge in media and technology, he formed TWR’s visual effects team in 2012. After years of intensive research and development, TWR has become one of the leading visual effects houses in Asia, contributed to more than eighty films. Charles was nominated twice for “Best Visual Effects” for Golden Horse award for his work in “Tag-Alone” and “Who Killed Cock Robin”.

TWR Entertainment now runs three facilities in Taiwan and China and plays an important role in both film and TV productions. Charles will continue to serve the ever-growing media market with his pioneering vision and unlimited passion.


Jenhao (Charles) Yeh, Head of Production

Graduated from San Francisco’s famed Academy of Art University, Jenhao is good at producing professional visual effects with great skills. He had worked on the production of a number of Hollywood hits like Wrath of the Titans, Men in Black 3, Some Kind of Beautiful, and etc. Jenhao had participated in many well-known films including League of Gods, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, The Village of No Return, Who Killed Cock Robin, The House That Never Dies II, and The Tag-Along 2. Jenhao had led TWR’s VFX team to a higher level; and in 2017, his work “Who Killed Cock Robin” was nominated by the 54th Golden Horse as “Best Visual Effects” award.


Zhaoqin (Jazz) Kung, Lead Art Supervisor

Jazz Kung, one of the most-known art designer in Asia, leads a well-experienced team that is an exceptional force of TWR's production. The Art department join every film, animation and VFX project and provide creative marterials. With Art department's effort, TWR's works have unique cherectoristic -or you can tell "Aroma"- different from other competitors. TWR's art department is the engine of our original projects and produce lots of concepts that waiting to be realized. The newly released, original designed, animated short film "GU" had stormed film festivels around the world and won significent amount awards such as 2014 Chinese Golden Monkey Award and 2014 Japanese TBS DigiCon 6 Award. 


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