• Who Killed Cock Robin

  • 2017

    《The Cinema that Never Dies II》
  • 2017

    《Lost Love in Times》Series
  • 2017

    《Power Rangers 3D》
  • 2017

    《Da Hu Fa 3D》
  • 2017

    《To the Sky Kingdom》Series
  • 2017

    《Kung Fu Yoga 3D》
  • 2017

    《Big Fish & Begonia 3D》
  • 2017

    《The Village of No Return》
  • 2016

    《Monster Hunt 3D》
  • Dragon Blade 3D

    Dragon Blade is one of the most stunning film through out history, with it's unbelievably strong cast, extremely well-crafted details and TWR's advanced 3D technology.
  • Rise of the Legend 3D

    Rise of the Legend had redefined Chinese "Kung Fu" films. The perfect mixture of VFX and TWR 3D technology is the key element of this breakthrough.
  • Firestorm 3D

    TWR's professional 3D and VFX services has made Andy Lau's multi-record-breaking film "Firestorm 3D" one of the most anticipated films in the New Year holiday season
  • Dream Flight

    Dream Flight is one of the most aggressive film project in Taiwan history. Thanks to TWR's professional VFX production team, this project can live and become one of the best visual effect film ever in Taiwan.
  • KANO

    TWR's large scale VFX capability/ capacity plays an important role in Director Wei's latest epic movie “KANO” that explores the long-forgotten history of Taiwanese baseball.

    Outcast is one of the biggest budget movies in China, and, with TWR's 3D technology, is meant to become the best of them.
  • Monkey King 3D

    Downy Yen's epic "Monkey King 3D" takes the Chinese 3D movie to the next level. TWR's cross-platform, cross-country, super-efficient pipeline contributes significantly to this complex production structure.
  • Chinese Zodiac 3D

    Jackie Chen brought us the Kung-Fu comedy as classic as always, and this time ,with Advanced 3D Technology provided by TWR, the movie was introduced to another level.
  • AIS Creative Art Award

    TWR's work: "May Day: NOWHERE" Concert Film won International 3D Society: 2014 Creative Art Award.
  • TWR3D® Technology

    The World's First Cloud Base 2D-3D conversion system. The perfect combination of technology and creativity. TWR3D evolves the proven workflow for creating visually stunning stereo 3D effect.
  • Big Cat® Hair System

    CGI hair is always an issue in animation production, but with TWR's Big Cat hair system, the production of hair detail become as easy as combing hair in real-life.
  • “GU” is winning awards!

    After released, TWR's new original short film: "GU" wins awards all around world, including Chinese Golden Monkey Award and Japanese TBS DigiCon 6 award.